Current Classes

Foundation Agility

This class is a fundamental course designed to introduce dogs and their handlers to the basic skills and techniques required for agility training. In this class, participants learn the building blocks of agility, focusing on developing teamwork, communication, and coordination between the dog and handler. We will focus on fun, motivating games that will build a firm foundation to start your agility journey together. Dogs should be at least six months of age and it is recommended that that they have attended at least a basic life skills class first.Cost: $210 for six weeks ($70 deposit required to hold a spot).

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Available Classes:

  • 8pm at Windcrest Stables in Grand Desert (May 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26, and July 3) SPACE AVAILABLE

Advanced Agility

This class is for those that have completed Agility Foundations and wish to continue to develop their skills. Classes are designed to match you and your dog, progressing at a speed that matches what you need. We will cover everything from the basics to play safely on any course and on up to all the advanced skills necessary to compete.

Cost: $180 for six weeks ($70 deposit required to hold a spot). Send and email to to sign up.

Available Classes:

  • Availability varies. There are new groups starting all the time as well as spots that open up in ongoing classes. Send and email to see what option is best for you.

Privates & Semi-Privates

If you prefer more individual attention you can book a private or semi-private. Topics can include agility, sports foundations, motivation, disc, or more. Privates can include one handler and 1-2 dogs. Semi-Privates can include 2 handlers with 2-4 dogs. Please contact to book.


  • Privates: $65 per 30 minutes
  • Simi-Privates: $55 per handler per 60 minutes


Generally it’s a good idea if you have done at least a basic life skills class with your dog. This will introduce them to working in a group and give you a good foundation to build your agility skills on. If you have not taken a basic life skills before but believe that your dog has the basic training to be able to do agility still, feel free to email so we can talk about what your options are.

Not at all! Many people enjoy taking classes purely as a way to bond with their dog in a fun way, while giving their dog invaluable mental and physical stimulation. While competing can be a fun way to take your training to the next level, it is far from the only way to enjoy this sport.

Agility is open to all dogs regardless of breed or age.  The only thing we require is that your dog be physically sound. Purebred, mix breed, rescue dog, old dog, young dog, we welcome everyone.

In the beginning all you will need is your pup, their favourite toys, and a big pile of treats. As you progress you will want to fashion or buy some basic equipment, but there are lots of low budget ways to practice from your own backyard.